Ottawa Workshop on Strategic Foresight

Charting the Future of Technology and National Security and Defence Priorities

This free, one-day workshop will convene government, private sector, and academic experts in strategic foresight from Canada, the United States, and Europe to discuss best practices, guidelines, and lessons learned in applying foresight to technological development and national security, foreign policy, and defence interests. Four workshop panels will address the application of strategic foresight in policymaking, intelligence analysis, defence and foreign policy planning, and academic research.

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Grasping the Future of Canadian Governance: Using Strategic Foresight to Explore Canada’s Evolving Political Landscape

This panel is a part of the Visions for Canada, 2042 Conference. You can learn more about the conference and register by visiting the conference webpage.

Strategic foresight provides a methodological toolkit for creatively and systematically exploring future environments, interactions, dynamics, challenges, and opportunities. Foresight allows governments and academics alike to peer concretely into the near and far future in order to explore and assess plausible, possible, and probable future scenarios that might challenge existing planning assumptions, policies, and strategies. The objective is not to predict the future. Rather, foresight provides users with the tools they need to contemplate emerging and future trends, assess the range of possible alternative futures, better appreciate how technology and complex socio-political, economic, and environmental issues might evolve, and altogether avoid strategic surprise. Our roundtable discussion will use strategic foresight and related tools, like scenario planning and visioning, to provide an interdisciplinary exploration of the future of Canada’s governance systems and structures.

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MetaScan 4: The Future of Asia – Implications for Canada

Over the next 10–15 years, the world will experience two influential sources of change: the rise of Asia and the accelerating advancement of digital technologies.This study uses strategic foresight methods to examine the potential surprises and disruptions that could result as these two forces collide and interact to shape the future of Asia and the world. The study does not predict a particular future, but explores a range of plausible futures to critically assess current assumptions about Asia and better understand the policy challenges and opportunities that could arise for Canada.

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Geostrategic Cluster Findings - The Future of Asia: Implications for Canada

Asia is characterized by the wide contrast between its deeply-entrenched system of discrete nation-states, and its high connectivity with the global economy. On one hand, this disparity explains much about the origins of its numerous simmering inter-state tensions; on the other hand, it exemplifies aspirations for greater regional and global economic integration. Finding a consensus on how to reconcile this gap to encourage further economic development is a primary pre-occupation for the region’s geo-strategists.

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